The experience of connected medical devices during COVID is similar to many sectors. A pace of technological change that was already fast is now even faster. The ultimate goal is unlocking new treatments for patients through connected devices but the adoption of these new technologies will be driven by the pull of patient demand, the push of clinical staff, and promotion by industry.

For change to happen, the healthcare system needs to make digital platforms ready to scale while adapting new tech into patient lives and clinical workflows. It’s essential to protect patients from cyber risks that could lead to serious events. And it’s critical to examine how clinical trials are currently run and when digital platforms and agile processes may offer a more effective approach than interactions that are in-person and on-site.


Dana Fashina, Verily Life Sciences, Software Quality

Tyrone Heggins, BD, Regional Product Security Officer, N. America

Greg Tracy, Propeller Health, CTO & Co-founder

Dana has over a decade of experience in early and late stage product development engineering across Digital Healthcare, Medical Device, Combination Products & Robotics Assisted Surgery. She has led Design Feasibility to Product Commercialization programs, and has particularly focused on SaMD, System Architecture & Configuration Management, and Digital Health in Mobile Applications.

Tyrone is the Regional Product Security Officer for N. America at BD, a leading multinational developer, manufacturer and marketer of innovative, life enhancing medical technology. Tyrone spearheads BD’s Cybersecurity Framework and policy across business units and functions and ensures compliance with new and emerging cybersecurity laws, regs and product security requirements. He facilitates strategic threat intelligence to guide regional business decisions and partners with global regulators and law enforcement.

Greg is the Co-founder of two startups and early employee of a third. He has developed an expertise in building innovative software, scaling teams and processes, and creating brand new markets. As a technical leader, he is responsible for establishing high-growth strategies, while at the same time building and executing the innovative product roadmaps to support those strategies.


Moderator: Thomas F. Busby, Outcome Capital, LLC, Vice President
Thomas Busby is a Vice President at Outcome Capital, a highly specialized life science and technologyadvisory and investment banking group. In his capacity, Thom advises middle-market life science companies in their M&A, private equity and venture capital fundraising efforts. With significant strategic and transactional experience spanning medical device, biopharma, diagnostics and life science services, Thom is passionate about enhancing patient care and reducing associated costs by leveraging novel digital technologies.

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