Thursday November 9, 2023

This half-day program brought together exceptional women in healthcare and life sciences.

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The roundtable was structured around two topics:

CEO Identity & Leadership

  • CEO Identity. Shaping a vision of the future women CEOs in healthcare & life sciences 
  • Mentorship & Sponsorship. Building strong mentor & sponsor networks
  • Overcoming Gender Bias. Strategies for overcoming gender bias & stereotypes 
  • Balancing Leadership & Self-Care. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance 
  • Authentic Leadership. Staying true to your values while leading
  • Crisis leadership. Leading effectively through crises with resilience 

Market Development & Building a Healthcare / Life Science Organization

  • Strategic Fundraising for Market Development. Strategically aligning fundraising efforts with market development goals
  • Market Entry Strategies. Disrupting traditional healthcare markets through innovation & technology
  • Building & Scaling a Healthcare/Life Science Organization. Building in-house, outsourcing & partnerships
  • Inclusive Market Research & Analysis. Championing inclusive market research & analysis to maximize market opportunities
  • Innovation in Technology Development. Fostering a culture of innovation & leveraging emerging technologies

Hosted in collaboration with Women in Healthtech, a community for founders, operators and investors to gather and discuss the future of healthcare.

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