If you’re interested in exploring leading-edge data topics in healthcare AI, join HealthTech Build’s interactive workshop on July 23rd at MIT.

Led by an incredible team of data scientists & industry thought leaders, breakout sessions include:

  • Examination of the complexities & real-world impact of data elements via case studies, emphasizing safeguards relevant to building AI tools
  • Industry led Q&A sessions: “What Questions Should Be Asked When Building & Deploying AI Healthcare Tools” & “Emerging Data Tools & Techniques in Pharma & Biotech”

Tuesday July 23rd 4:30-7:30pm
MIT Building 2 (Simons Building)
182 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, MA

Networking & refreshments to follow. Please register early as spaces are limited.

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Leo Anthony Celi

As clinical research director and principal research scientist at the MIT Laboratory for Computational Physiology, and as a practicing ICU physician at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Leo brings together clinicians and data scientists to support research using data routinely collected in the process of care. His group built and maintains the Medical Information Mart for Intensive Care (MIMIC) database and Philips-MIT eICU Collaborative Research Database, with more than 20,000 users from around the world. Leo is also one of the course directors for Global Health Informatics to Improve Quality of Care and Collaborative Data Science in Medicine at MIT and an editor of the textbook “Secondary Analysis of Electronic Health Records”. Leo has spoken in more than 35 countries across 6 continents about the value of data and learning in health systems.

Steven Wardell

Steven Wardell’s firm, Wardell Advisors, is the go-to trusted advisor for digital health leaders on growth strategy, fundraising, competitive analysis, and exits. Previously Steve was the first Wall Street analyst to focus exclusively on digital health, and the first to initiate coverage on digital therapeutics. Named Rising Star by Institutional Investor, Steve also hosts digital health investor events and salons and is the author of The Future of Digital Health. His experience includes being a four-time entrepreneurial executive in digital health companies backed by NEA, New Leaf, Flybridge, and Excel. He is the Founder of Health 2.0 Boston. His “DigitalHealth InvestorTalk Show” podcasts are found on all the major podcast channels, and his upcoming live events and shows for the global digital-health CEO and investor community are found at StevenWardell.Eventbrite.com.

Kyra Edwards

Kyra Edwards is the recipient of the National Institute of Health Research Predoctoral Fellowships in 2021. She is passionate about using large scale, wearable data and machine learning techniques to answer important public health questions. Her experience in advanced programming, working with mobile application data and expert understanding of statistical theory allows her to work with complicated datasets and create innovative analysis tools/ methods for public health inference. Kyra is particularly interested in women’s health, mental and physical health and the combination, with her most recent project defining general additive models as a gold standard method for menstrual cycle analysis. She is also a Great Britain Rowing Team Athlete: World Cup Silver Medalist 2022, training for Paris 2024 Olympics.

Jakob Groll

As a Visiting Research Scientist at the Laboratory for Computational Physiology under Dr. Leo Anthony Celi, Jakob leverages advanced machine learning and process mining techniques to enhance prediction and classification tasks in critical care. Using the MIMIC and eICU Collaborative Research Database, he develops predictive models to aid clinical decision-making. His work focuses on identifying and analyzing biases within laboratory data to improve the reliability and fairness of AI in healthcare. This initiative aims to enhance clinical prediction accuracy and ensure equitable health outcomes across diverse patient populations, contributing to the broader effort of refining AI applications in healthcare settings.

Eli Goldberg

Eli is the VP of data and innovation for Belle Cares, an in-home clinical foot care company. Prior to Belle, Eli was the VP of Data Science at Current Health, a company acquired by Best Buy Health for $400M. Additionally, Eli has held leadership roles at CVS, Aetna, and Novartis, and is a board member in several health-tech companies in the US and Australia. Eli holds Bachelors of Science in Geological Engineering, Geology and Geophysics from UW-Madison, a masters in Environmental Engineering from ETH Zurich, and a PhD in Chemistry and Bioengineering PhD ETH-Zurich. Data Science vs. Actuarial Wizard Battle-Master. Duke of the ‘80/20’; Marquess of the 60/5. Credible measurement connoisseur. Real-world evidence subject matter expert.

Stephen Cho

Stephen is Head, Portfolio Strategy & Analytics at Novartis. He and his group manage Novartis’ portfolio across Research, Development and Commercial, providing enterprise portfolio governance, advanced portfolio management including strategic prioritization and decision support, and long-term revenue forecasts for in-market and pipeline assets. Since joining Novartis in 2012, he has held leadership roles of increasing responsibilities across Novartis units and global functions including Program and Portfolio Management, Clinical Development, and Strategy. Previously, Stephen worked at McKinsey & Company as an Engagement Manager, and at Pfizer and Lilly where he was a research project leader and medicinal chemist. His research led to five clinical candidates and two marketed products. Stephen has a PhD in organic chemistry from Stanford University and a BS degree from the University of Michigan.

Reha Jhunjhunwala

Reha works at the intersection of healthcare and technology, with a strong background as a general dentist and a Master’s in Clinical Investigation from Boston University. Her passion for merging medical knowledge with technological innovation has made her a pioneer in applying AI and machine learning to healthcare. Reha’s notable work includes developing FDA-approved AI-driven dental imaging tools at VideaHealth, significantly enhancing diagnostics and efficiency in dental care. At eClinical Solutions, she led the creation of deep-learning models that vastly improved clinical trial data accuracy, accelerating drug development. Currently, as the Director of Clinical at WHOOP, Reha is dedicated to advancing clinical strategies and integrating AI/ML medical devices into healthcare. Her vision is to synergize technology and healthcare to elevate patient care and set new industry standards.

A.J. Tibbetts

A.J. Tibbetts is a shareholder at Greenberg Traurig Boston and an intellectual property attorney specializing in computer- and electronics-implemented technologies, including networking, NLP, digital health, life sciences AI, and computational biology. Leveraging his prior experience as a software engineer, A.J. provides tailored IP advice covering open source policies, patents, trade secrets, licensing, and litigation. He has successfully invalidated bogus software patents and defended his clients’ patents from invalidation. Regularly recognized as one of the top IP attorneys in Massachusetts and a top-recommended IP attorney by Boston-area startups, A.J. serves on the board of a regional MedTech industry group and is an active speaker on protecting AI-driven technology.

Jack Gallifant

Dr. Jack Gallifant is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at MIT’s Laboratory for Computational Physiology. With a background in medicine from the UK, where he trained and developed digital healthcare tools within the NHS, Dr. Gallifant’s research now focuses on the integration of medical knowledge within AI frameworks, especially large language models. His work emphasizes the importance of robust benchmarking and the development of scalable systems capable of adapting to the increasing complexity and expansion of medical knowledge. Dr. Gallifant aims to bridge the divide between clinical practices and data science, targeting the alignment of AI models with the evolving clinical knowledge base and societal norms. His efforts are geared towards enhancing healthcare delivery and shaping health policy.