New technologies for chronic care

Over the past decade, digital health companies have evolved from simple data aggregation to clinically-validated health coaching programs and smartphone-connected personal medical devices like glucose meters and blood pressure monitors. Health plans are exploring risk-based contracts and new CPT billing codes allow reimbursement for remote monitoring and coaching services. Analysis of large patient data sets are yielding algorithms for prediction and personalized treatments.

There is reason to be optimistic that future generations of patients receiving treatment for chronic care will have improved outcomes and a better patient experience at lower cost.

Our expert panel will discuss how new technologies are impacting care for chronic conditions from liver disease to diabetes.


Maria-Lousia Izamis
Innovation Program Director, Philips

Michael Sturmer
SVP Health Services Segment, Livongo

Piali De
Founder & CEO, Senscio Systems

Patricia Bloom, MD
Clinician Investigator, Massachusetts General Hospital

Moderator, Jonah Comstock
Director of Content & Editor in Chief, HIMSS Media